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Why Not Create a Surprise Go Noodle Concert at Your School? Here’s How We Did It.

What do teachers, students, and principals all have in common? They all love Go Noodle for inspiring healthy kids. With the help of our occupational therapist, who introduced Go Noodle at a staff development meeting, teachers at our school became passionate about using Go Noodle brain breaks within their four walls.  It was time to unite as a school to see what would happen. Thank goodness we did.  Our teachers collaborated and created a ten song Go Noodle concert to promote healthy kids, celebrate students efforts, and show unity in a grand finale to our school year. It was epic!

So the question you may be asking is how did the teachers pull off a surprising ten song Go Noodle concert for kindergartners through fourth graders that incorporated teachers, custodians, playground staff, tech staff, and even the principal?  It wasn’t as hard as you may think. From idea to implementation it took less than two weeks.


The whole event stemmed from two teachers wanting to dress up like Koo Koo Kanga Roo’s Neil and Bryan for Halloween, but it was June and they couldn’t wait until October. It quickly turned into a texting frenzy recruiting teachers to collaborate on a surprise concert.  We wanted to include everyone, so staff members and K- 4 teachers were e-mailed to see which song their class wanted to perform (without letting the students know they would be performing.) We had a great response, so we booked the auditorium and arranged for the teachers to meet at lunch to practice their Pop See Koo 2.0 moves for the grand finale.


‘Neil’ and ‘Bryan’, the MC’s, got busy writing a script that incorporated lots of dialogue and references to Go Noodle.  In the meantime, classes casually practiced and were encouraged to dress in something fun. Ten songs were deliberately selected so we could all experience sending our champ to the transmogrifier. It really was that simple.

What a great way to end the year. We saw all types of students thrive on stage, from those who were typically shy and surprised us all by opening up and expressing themselves, to those still learning how to direct their energy in a traditional classroom setting and emerged as rockstars. The whole event unified our school. Hotdog was dancing next to Maximo, Fourth graders were dancing right next to kindergartners, and teachers were dancing in the audience and onstage. Our reading specialist said, “The Performing Arts Center was transformed into a incredible concert for one hour.”  It was a truly unique experience where adults and students alike could come together and just focus on movement and having fun.  Our tech savvy kids were creating hashtags like: #epic #phenomenal #teachersdressedup and #nailedit!  This is one that students will be talking about for a very long time. Thanks Go Noodle, Thanks to our ‘Neil’ and ‘Bryan’ and thanks to the real ‘Neil’ and ‘Bryan’ for inspiring teachers every day to ‘Get Yo Body Movin’.