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Eduninja™ Fitness & Fun Summer Selfie Contest

How do you make fitness and wellness fun? We started taking healthy selfies…of healthy fruits and veggies we picked up at the local farmer’s market, taking on new exercise challenges with friends, and yes times of relaxation for balance. There’s still time to join us. It’s easy. Here’s how:

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1. Ask to join eduninja30 closed Facebook group by searching eduninja30 or

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3. Post Selfies with #EduNinjaMindset and tag Jennifer Burdis on Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter for a Chance to Win Prizes.

4. Click here to get your game board:


Our July EduNinja™ Free Community Workout was a Blast! 

A huge thanks to Derek Flail and Ryan Poletti for spreading the word and helping to organize this event. It was an awesome turnout of people of all ages coming together for this high intensity interval training workout, meeting new friends, and staying connected. Thanks to everyone who joined us and told others so they could join us next time. My hope is to meet up again Thanksgiving break. We might need to get creative with the weather. : ) 

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The EduNinja Mindset 11 Habits For Building a Stronger Mind and Body Book Signing at Roma Pizzeria in Pottsville, PA

A Huge Thanks To Roma Pizzeria in Pottsville, PA for Hosting The EduNinja Mindset Book Signing. If you haven’t tried their chicken beet salad, it’s as amazing as their pizza. : ) It was inspiring seeing mentors, coaches, friends, family, and making new connections. Thank you for your support. 

EduNinja Mindset 11 Habits For Building a Stronger Mind and Body book link:



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The EduNinja Mindset 11 Habits For Building a Stronger Mind and Body at The Student Book Store at Penn State (330 E College Ave, State College) 

A big shout out to Mark at The Student Bookstore for supporting local authors. I’m grateful for all the future ninjas I met there. We held up sidewalk traffic a few times as students and I did a few push-ups together. I also had an opportunity to meet local author and former teacher Denise L. Kaminsky. Check out her books.
They make great gifts as well.

EduNinja Mindset 11 Habits For Building a Stronger Mind and Body book link:

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Better Together CA California Teachers Summit 

What an honor to be a small part of this amazing statewide event!  The summit featured a live video feed from keynote speaker Sir Ken Robinson for 10,000 plus teachers across the state of California at the Cal State schools. A huge thanks to the team at Cal State Northridge for organizing this and allowing me to give an Ed Talk at this location. It was an incredible day of collaboration and learning. 

This year’s theme was: It’s Personal Meeting the Needs of EVERY Student by Building Relationships & Fostering 'Grit Aren't You Glad You Didn't Quit?’ 

CA Teachers Summit Aren't You glad you didn't quit_.jpg

If your school or organization is looking to build a healthier culture, set bigger goals, develop grit, enhance performance, and strengthen relationships, bring Jen Burdis to your school! email Jen or go to for details.

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Would You Like Your Your EduNinja Mindset 11 Habits For Building a Stronger Mind and Body Book Review To be Featured On,, or

I would be absolutely honored if your book review was posted on this website and Amazon for the world to see with endorsements from Gabby Reece, Russ Rose, Kerry Mc Coy, Jon Gordon, Dr. John Skretta, Adam Taliaferro, Sean Gaillard, and Peg Pennepacker. Please go to The EduNinja Mindset tab on this website or visit to see what they are saying about The EduNinja Mindset 11 Habits For Building a Stronger Mind and Body. To leave an Amazon review please click here: and email me your review at so the world can see what you think and how you've been applying these principles to your life.

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Upcoming Events:

Join Us For The Penn State Alumni Association: San Diego Chapter - SDPSU Padres vs. Phillies Game Aug. 11th. Tailgate starting at 3:00 p.m. with a 5:40 gametime.

Listen to the Chris Watson podcast: I was honored to be a guest. Please check out the awesome work he’s doing to inspire and motivate others.

San Diego UTC Mall Back to School Health and Wellness Event at Athleta in August. Date and Time TBA.

FIrst Football Weekend at Penn State University EduNinja Mindset 11 Habits For Building a Stronger Mind and Body Book Signing Event at The Penn State Bookstore on campus Sept. 1st 10:00 a.m - 1:00 p.m. Book Link: WE ARE!!!!

Free Community EduNinja™ Thanksgiving Week Workout in Schuylkill County Date TBA (If you have any ideas based on weather or making this event even better please email me at

Get Out There and Keep Inspiring Others With Your Quest For Personal Greatness

What can we do to inspire health and wellness among friends, family, or work environment?  We’re taking the first step here by surrounding ourselves with this supportive and caring community.  As teachers, parents, individuals we are all role models. No matter our age or exercise experience our job is to care for ourselves so we’re at our very best for our families, friends, and students. 

Together we can make a positive change. I’ll be continuing to host free workouts, online challenges and contests, book signings and meet and greets, and speaking to sports teams, teachers, and students. 

I can’t wait to see and share what you are doing so we can inspire others. Please be sure to reach out if you’d like me to speak to your team, school, organization. Stay connected and keep doing what you do best. Thanks for inspiring health and wellness for our communities.