Creativity in the Classroom: Meeting Peter J. Reynolds Author of The Dot

Meeting Peter J. Reynolds, Author of The Dot, this past summer at ISTE 2016 in Denver, Colorado was a special moment for me. He took time to truly connect with each and every person who was eager to meet him. Peter has a knack for helping people discover their talents, encourage people to start the next project they’ve been thinking about, to dream big, and create bravely. If you haven’t read any of his picture books, it’s time to grab one. Peter evokes a creative spirit within children and adults alike. Right before I left his booth at ISTE 2016 he reminded me, “Be careful who you tell your dreams to because they might help you make them come true."

International Dot Day is celebrated September 15thish. It's a day for students to create bravely and "make their mark." Students individually and collectively defined what it meant to "make their mark" and inspire others. Here are some of their creations our class created using the Quiver app.