Speaking At SDCUE

Honored to be Presenting at The SDCUE 2016 Tech Fair

Join me on a learning adventure as I speak and share: EduNinja Whole Child Approach to a Healthier Classroom: Empowering Teachers to Lead From Within A Guide To Creating a Culture Of Health At Your School Through Physical Activity, Brain Breaks, Kinesthetic Lessons, Nutrition, And Mindfulness. Teachers will be empowered to create a personal EduNinja wellness plan, increase daily activity, use brain breaks regularly, incorporate kinesthetic lessons, practice mindfulness tools, organize lunch clubs, and lead healthy challenges to improve the wellness of staff, students, and families. I'll be sharing lessons, resources, videos, worksheet templates, strategies and guided activities as well to help you create a culture of health at your school.

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Would your school like to learn more about implementing these kinesthetic, health, and wellness strategies?  I can come to your school to lead your next professional development. Just e-mail me by clicking the link below. Thanks for inspiring healthy students!