You Don't Know Till You Try.  Live Life With a Bigger, Deeper Meaning. Get in the Game.

The new year started with me making a leadership resolution - to inspire greatness on a bigger level.  No, I don’t think I’m great.  It’s something I’m constantly striving for - being the best version of me, and encouraging others to do so.  

In our classroom, we are constantly setting and monitoring goals, encouraging each other, and working hard.  But what else?  We are constantly asking questions as we read, as we write, and problem-solve.  The question I asked myself this year was, “Why should I attempt to run the American Ninja Warrior Course?”  


Is it purely the physical challenge?  The answer was - no.  It was to inspire on a bigger level.  It was to inspire the students in my class, the students in my prior classes, and my friends and family.  

In talking to my friend Angie, she said you can’t just inspire on a bigger level, you must inspire something like greatness. 

I thought it sounded so vain. I had to mull it around a bit.  I tried saying it at the interview, but I didn’t even feel quite confident in saying the word greatness, without the fear of what others would think.  Would they think I was trying to be the next Muhammad Ali?

Angie helped me to clarify my own vision.  She helped me realize that it is okay to strive for and inspire greatness in whatever you are doing. What does being great mean to you?  Is it being a leader, role-model, great parent, student?  Is it getting in shape?  Is it volunteering or giving back?

American Ninja Warrior gave me that opportunity to pursue the best version of me and inspire greatness on a bigger level beyond our classroom.  In class, the students were hooked and motivated to learn.  Outside of class, an outpouring of people shared stories of changes they made in their lives, after seeing me try to run the course. This experience has fueled me to become a better person and grow.  It's empowering to see and hear the positive effects it has on other people, who are wanting to make changes in their lives.

It takes a tremendous amount of courage to get out there and try.  I was hoping to show through hard word, determination, and dedication, that in trying to overcome obstacles, you have to have the courage to take risks, set goals, work hard, try your best, and have fun. If you aren’t fulfilled then maybe you haven’t set the bar high enough?  On the other hand, if you don’t reach your goals, then you just have to keep the bar high, make some changes, and try again.  

Greatness?  Someday.  Inspiration?  You bet.  What is it that you’ve always wanted to accomplish?  Get in the game. You don’t know until you try.