Join Us For The EduNinja™ Nutrition Challenge

Join the EduNinja™ Nutrition Challenge by downloading this free food journal and recording your food and water intake all month. Here’s the food journal link:

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Healthy Food to Fuel Our Bodies

As I walk into the classroom students are always curious what's inside my giant cooler of a lunch bag. That’s excellent because it shows they care about healthy nutrition, and they’re genuinely looking for healthy ideas to share with their families. Caring about what foods you put into your body is one of the biggest lessons we can share with others. I’m always happy to hear when a mom or dad comes up to me and says, “ My son or daughter has us trying black bean burgers at home, counting our grams of sugar for the day, or looking at food labels at the grocery store.”

As teachers, parents, and friends, we can easily share the importance of fueling our bodies with healthy foods, model healthy eating strategies to make better food choices, be mindful of serving sizes, and become label readers to reduce sugar, saturated fat, and sodium.

By looking at reputable websites for food guidelines and portion sizes students can begin to learn daily healthy habits and strategies for fueling their body. Some places teachers, students, and families may want to start their nutrition learning are: and 

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What are some simple ways I can eat healthier?

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How can we all make healthier food choices when faced with options?

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It's empowering to learn about the different food groups and awesome, new ways to eat these foods. Portion sizes can really be deceiving, so it’s important to see what a serving size really looks like and learn about the possible ill effects of sustaining an unhealthy diet. Once we're informed decision makers then it just takes some practice and maybe some encouragement in making healthier food choices in creating a culture of health.

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What are some other ways we can model healthy eating at school and at home?

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Try starting a school or home garden to learn more about powerhouse greens and other vegetables.


Salad parties are an easy way to teach about nutrition and celebrate healthy eating.