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Jen will tailor her remarks to your audience’s specific needs. Some of her most popular presentations include . . .

Penn State College of Education GOLD (Graduates of the Last Decade) Women’s Leadership Conference Keynote Speaker: June 21, 2019 “What Achilles Heel? Finding Your Purpose and Passion”


Would you ever consider the idea that tearing your Achilles tendon, the largest and strongest tendon in your body could be a good thing? Sometimes it takes a potentially major life setback to show you it’s time to develop and create something new and needed within your community. There are no guarantees in life and you’re not going to get anywhere unless you’re willing to take some risks along the way.

Jen shares how to develop that entrepreneurial spirit by connecting your purpose and passion, working hard, doing things that scare you, embracing failure, and having the tools to bounce back quickly to keep moving forward. What if the magnitude of your success was really based on how many times you failed at something? Learn how to surround yourself with people who embrace their “Achilles heel” or vulnerability to gain strength in helping others.

Find out how Jen was able to turn obstacles into opportunities and launch the EduNinja™ 30-Day Health and Wellness Challenge in 2015 to promote healthy habits and fitness activities for teachers, students, families, and friends.

Find out how Jen was able to meet the challenges and benefits of undiagnosed dyslexia to write her first book The EduNinja Mindset 11 Habits for Building a Stronger Mind and Body, and how she was able to find the courage to ‘strengthen her Achilles Heel’ by embracing vulnerability in developing leadership skills she had all along.

  • Finding a need in your community

  • Acts of service

  • Connecting purpose and passion

  • Taking risks

  • Embracing failure

  • Surrounding yourself with like-minded individuals

Better Together CA California Teachers Summit 2018 Ed Talk Meeting The Needs of EVERY Student “Grit: Aren’t You Glad You Didn’t Quit?”

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Have you ever just wanted to give up? Call it quits? Not try again? The irony is these are the exact situations that developed the idea of “GRIT: Aren’t you glad you didn’t quit?”

As a student with undiagnosed dyslexia, Jen is one of those students whose needs were not being met in the classroom. Despite struggling with all subjects Jen thrived and learned best through kinesthetic movement, hands-on learning, watching videos, and classroom discussions. Jen knows firsthand what it feels like going through school not being able to access written information.

Let’s give ALL students the opportunity to develop self confidence and resilience through grit and failing but also the tools to boost self esteem, feel supported, empowered to speak up, build points of reference, and ask reflective questions along the way like, “Aren’t I glad I didn’t quit?”

  • Building resilience

  • Taking charge of your learning and becoming your own advocate

  • Giving ALL students the tools and opportunity to succeed

Click on this link to view Jen's 8 minute Ed Talk:


DKG International Society for Key Women Educators: January 2019 (Leading Women Educators Impacting Education Worldwide, Eta Chi Chapter, CA State “It’s Time to Raise the Bar With EduNinja™ Nutrition, Movement, Mindfulness”


In many professions, especially teaching, workers are battling stress, fatigue, and wanting to feel safe and supported. Colleagues find themselves working long hours, staying up late working overtime, coming into work early, and working through lunch to get home and start this vicious cycle all over again. These sustained patterns over time may lead to chronic fatigue and eventually burnout if individuals don’t learn how to develop and access tools to catch the early warning signs and start making positive healthy changes.

Learn how to become more dynamic, focused, and engaging for your team of learners. Also, learn how to elevate these characteristics in others. In this speech Jen shares easy to implement strategies for daily physical activity, mind-body connection, and making healthy food choices as part of a daily foundation in achieving bigger goals.

When colleagues incorporate positive sustained strategies to increase daily activity, practice mindfulness, and make thoughtful food choices, together everyone in your community achieves more.

Norris School District: August 2017 “It's Time To Raise The Bar With EduNinja™ Nutrition, Movement, Mindfulness”

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We’re all capable of becoming EduNinjas! This speech empowers people to elevate their personal wellness using The EduNinja Mindset. Jen shares personal stories and reflective practices that reveal how personal and professional obstacles can be turned into strengths. Audience members learn skills that help them live stronger both inside and out and what it means to be an “ EduNinja” both in and out of the classroom by pushing yourself to your limits while maintaining a positive work life balance. Individuals lean skills to help them bring their ‘A Game’ consistently.

1. Gain strength in your story by looking at how past obstacles can be developed into strengths.

2. Size up the "course" or school year by setting goals with soul.

3. Make nutrition, movement, and mindfulness your strong foundation.

4. Grit and commit daily by being a ninja day in and day out.

5. Learn from failure and come out stronger.

6. Raise the bar. Raise your mindset.

7. Say "yes" to building community and sharing your learning.

  • Work life balance

  • Stress management for teachers, students, and families

  • Nutrition, movement, mindfulness, and mindset tools

  • Kinesthetic activities for the classroom

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John Skretta, Ed.D. Norris School District Superintendent:

“The Norris staff was thrilled to host Jennifer Burdis, AKA the EduNinja. Jen brings tremendous positivity and authentic enthusiasm to her work. At Norris, we have sustained a commitment to healthful practices to promote great education outcomes and a positive culture for students and staff. Sustaining that commitment requires having examples to aspire toward, and Jen offers this for all of us.

One of the great aspects of bringing Jen in as a speaker is she defies the normal convention of a consultant – she does not condescend or preach at her audience – instead, she engages colleagues and dignifies teachers through a heartfelt personal message and inspiring example. Furthermore, Jen fosters relationships with teachers through social media and her Professional Learning Network, or PLN. She wants educators to forge that connection with her and for all of us to succeed, together.”

Brian Maschmann Ed.D. Norris School District Assistant Superintendent:

“Jen Burdis' journey from being a student, to an athlete, to an instructional leader has demonstrated her work ethic that inspires others. Her educational path was more difficult, as she shares, because she learned differently than other kids in school, having dyslexia, and then learning how to train her brain how to learn. By sharing her story, she inspires others, like me, to share about my own learning difficulties and how to overcome them.

She is known for her hard work through college, as a volleyball player, as an American Ninja Warrior, and now for her book, The EduNinja Mindset. I am inspired by her journey as a fellow educator, and am excited to share her story with others.”

Stefanie Tomlinson Penn State College of Education Assistant Director of Alumni Relations

“Jennifer was the keynote speaker at the Penn State College of Education’s inaugural Women’s Leadership Conference. She did an incredible job drawing upon her life experiences to both educate and inspire the audience. It is clear that despite an array of challenges—from her undiagnosed dyslexia, to tearing her Achilles heel—Jennifer has the strength and resiliency to turn those challenges into positive opportunities.”

Jen would love to visit your school, business, or team facility. To learn more about working with Jen and together finding ways to inspire healthy teachers, students, teammates, or clients please

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EduNinja™ Educational Services: Keynote speaking, professional development workshops, and NSCA- Certified Professional Trainer fitness sessions to help teachers embody a sound mind and body.


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